The most important factor behind my success is my support system, aka my husband! I had thoughts that I never really entertained of going out on my own. It wasn't until I was married and got the push I needed from him that I began to foster those thoughts. During the beginning of 2019 I had multiple friends and acquaintances reach out and ask me to do the flowers for their wedding, and thats when my husband really pushed me to start my business. And so June 2019 Halls of Ivy was established. Isn't that what marriage is about, being your spouses biggest fan & support system. The success of my brand is helping others celebrate the union of building such a support system, so it really goes full circle. 


Earlier I only mentioned my husband being part of my support system, and he was the main contributor in establishing Halls of Ivy but not the main contributor to helping my business thrive. The South Florida vendor community has been the key to succeeding down here. There is even a term for it, Friendors! The motto is "Community Over Competition" coined by Honey Book and is definitely being displayed by all the friendors down here. We collaborate together, send referrals, lend a hand when we can, and when one succeeds, we all succeed. I would like to give a shoutout to the following friendors that have contributed to my success along the way, Blue Orchid Events & Design, Varoca Weddings, Photos for Hearts, Gina Marie Weddings & Events, Ministry of Decor, and Juladie Ibanez Photography. Please forgive me if I missed you, the community is big and full of support I know I missed a few. 


One of the challenges of being a florist is when someone gives you a Pinterest picture and wants you to replicate it almost exactly. Pictures posted on Pinterest usually have unlimited budgets and flowers can get costly, especially because it's the last thing on your budget. But to me I think flowers are like putting the cherry on top of an ice cream sundae, its the finishing touch that makes the whole entity complete. I want every couple getting married to have what they have dreamed their whole life no matter their budget. Thats when the real challenge begins, designing a look without compromising their dreams. Yes, flower designing is an art, but when you think of an artist, you think of them creating what is pleasing to them from expressing whatever is within themselves. But what sets me apart from others is that I create flower designs from what is within the couples dreams and I get the privilege of immortalizing that day for their future generations.

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