I'm Still Bloomin

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

When I think of a blog writer I think of someone who has it all together. Why? Because they know there voice. They know what they want to proclaim to the world. Well let me tell you, I don't have it all together and I don't know what I want to proclaim to the world. So why write a blog? Why Not, I guess. Let's see what happens.

Building Bonds with Flowers (a little section about flowers)

I know everyone sees a lotus and thinks zen or a yoga studio. For me and my husband it means new beginnings. We meet later on in life, lived very different lives, and where at point where we wanted to start something new with one another so it became a symbol of our

beginning. I don't know how he knew, because I didn't really talk to him much about it, but my now husband knew I didn't want the same plain Jane engagement ring everyone else had. When he got down on one knee, opened the box, and I saw that lotus ring I knew he truly understood me! March 3, 2021 will be 3 years since I said, "Yes!" and I am still very much in love him and the ring.

'till Death (a little section about marriage)

I saw an Instagram post yesterday that still has my wheels turning, feel free to chime in if you wish. The post was of multiple pictures and on the left was a women with a sash saying, "Bride to Be", and on the right was a women with a sash saying, "Promotion" and on the top said momentous occasions. Swipe right - the girls are the same, outfits changed, left sash "Bride to Be", right said "Graduated", and so on for like 10 swipes. It was a women empowerment page and yeah I get it, we women are more than just a bride to be.

And before I was married I would be hitting that repost button. But I didn't because I didn't want to down play the importance of being a wife.

Daphne Bridgerton said, "This is all I’ve been raised for. This is all I am. I have no other value. If I am unable to find a husband, I shall be worthless."

I am not saying that, nor condoning that past behavior or thought process. All I am simply saying is that the role of wife is a lifetime role and we shouldn't downplay that to lift others up. Those are momentous occasions and are just as important, they should be celebrated and I'll be the first one there to toast to your success. I hope you will be there with me as I continue to toast to all my brides to be for finding their person they want to grow old with.

Please listen the first time (a little section about kids)

So I have been doing a thing... I have been living in the moment instead of documenting the moment. We are learning how to ride without training wheels. The first time out I captured it,

but the second time I decided lets start just being there there instead of being behind the camera and I don't know if he excelled because both parents were present and cheering him on but he got it on the second try, I COULDN'T BELIEVE IT!

Just as we adjusted to his slower pace he now books it and we will forever be trying to play catch up. Isn't that so with kids, just as you get use to the phase they are in they change and grow and you have to readjust all over again.

Even though I didn't get a picture or a video of him riding his bike for the first time I have a memory of his dad saying, "Proud Parent Moment", and I will forever have that!!

I'm Still Bloomin

I guess I made a little format for my blog, flowers, marriage, motherhood! I would love to feature you if you had anything you wanted to say on those 3 topics!!! Contact me so we can share, chat, bond, live, experience and grow!

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