Succulents, Success, & Stepping on Toys

Just a week in the life of a mama florist! Creating flowers and dodging toys, but to me that is success. 2020 has redefined what success looks like for me and I know I am not the only one.

Building Bonds with Flowers (a little section about flowers)

Succulents are amazing little plants. I am no expert, but I know a things or two. First thing I know, don't over water your succulent or they will die, lol.

Cake flowers (succulents) put on by Halls of Ivy

This weekend we used succulents for this surprise vow renewal and everything came out so dreamy (even if the client asked for no roses). I was obsessed with how the boutonnières and corsages came out, hopefully the photographer got some good shots and I can share those with you later. After the event we went and picked up all the flowers and of course I saved the succulents and began to repot them yesterday.

I use to teach flower arranging classes at a local flower shop and we were doing an arrangement with succulents so I went and educated myself all about succulents and how maintain them at home and what not. I also learned how to repot them, they like to be snug in the pot. So as I was repotting them yesterday and making them all snug in the dirt, I thought to myself... I am like a succulent. I love to be snug as bug, whether it be snug is a big blanket, snug in between a bunch of pillows, or snug between my boys (husband and son).

'till Death (a little section about marriage)

Hubby working it at the wedding this weekend.

Success. What does success look like for you? I don't even want to begin to compare what your life looks like compared to mine, comparison is destructive little booger.

The definition of success is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. I feel that 2020 has redirected my aim in life, which is to live in the moment.

So for me, from a business stand point, success is having two weekends booked in a month. Having less cash flow in is a sacrifice but we have what we need, spending that time with my son while he is young is something I am not willing to sacrifice.

We can say it is a shift in priorities but I like saying a shift in defining what success looks like for me because it is an accomplishment in what I was aiming for and that is oh so satisfying and fulfilling.

So my brides to be, that means that Halls of Ivy will begin to book up more quickly so please get those inquiries in sooner rather than later. I know you all have flowers on the bottom of your list, be cautious keeping it low on the list (especially now that you are competing for dates from the brides displaced due to covid).

Why did I talk about this in the marriage section!? Because when you run a business your whole family is involved and your marriage is directly affected. You need to be on the same page with your spouse in defining what success looks like and I am so thankful and blessed that my husband and I are seeing eye to eye on what success looks like for us.

Please listen the first time (a little section about kids)

Kids love to leave everything everywhere. Have you ever stepped on a lego! That is not joke.

What mornings look like in the Porfiris Home.

My son has learned that when mom is coming you better make sure your toys are not in her way. Why does he react that way, because I used to get real upset. But as of late I have been more accepting and he still hasn't learned to not block walkways with his tiny minefields.

So why have I been more tolerant, because I have accepted it. I know it will never go away. Also, because covid has slowed down our pace of life and I have been able to see life again, because I see life through my child's eyes.

Succulents, Success, & Stepping on Toys

I know you can relate to anyone of these topics: succulents, success, and stepping on toys, please share your thoughts. I'd also love to hear how 2020 has impacted you.

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